Why Learning Evolution?

If you're seeking Category Management Association (CMA) CPCA and/or CPCM certification and you want to insure your best chance for success and passing the exam - You've come to the right place!

We offer the best, most interactive and engaging accredited online and ILT category management training and certification prep courses and practice exams available.

We have passed review and approval from the (CMA) and all of our courses and test are 100% accredited. We have designed and built 33 dynamic mobile ready online training courses that align and the only training provider to match 1-to-1 with the all required skill proficiency areas that have been identified by the Category Management Association for Category Management Professional Certification.  

Our Practice Tests and Exam Tools will help build your skills, knowledge and confidence. All training courses and practice test are easily accessible, scalable and a cost effective way to train and level-set an individual or entire teams across an organization.