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Virtual training brought to you by Learning Evolution Master Black Belts!

4 Week Program

Who Should Attend:

  1. People entering Category Management roles for the first time within a retailer, manufacturer or broker organization
  2. People who are in other functional roles but want a good understanding of Category Management and how it benefits the business
  3. Students aspiring to join a Consumer Packaged Goods company in a Category Management role

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain foundational knowledge of Category Management as a business discipline
  • Learn about the basic activation “levers” for Category Management
  • Understand some key Category Management best practices
  • Build confidence knowing how Category Management can help the business

How The BootCamp Works:

  • Foundational Knowledge: This program will help you gain a quick understanding of some key fundamentals and best practices for winning with Category Management
  • 100% Virtual: Over the course of four weeks, you will increase your knowledge and understanding right from the comfort of your own workspace because this is a virtual program delivered to you through online shared folders and web-conference meetings
  • Training Techniques: This program combines several learning methods that have proven to be effective at building knowledge and confidence. These techniques include:
    • E-Learning: Self-paced learning via high fidelity, high quality e-learning modules. Each module includes a pre-assessment, the learning module itself along with a companion study guide, a post-assessment, and a transcript of course completion
    • Critical Thinking Questions: Real world scenarios that challenge you to respond to situations and consider what you would do as well as how it applies to your current company and product categories
    • Group Discussions: Every week, we will get together to discuss what we could and should do in certain situations to leverage Category Management as a means to protect and grow the business.  Additionally, your instructor will provide feedback, perspective and suggestions on that week’s assignments to help you think more effectively in those situations.
  • Graduation and Recognition: All participants who successfully complete this BootCamp will receive a certificate of completion and the Skill UP! BootCamp badge, plus exclusive discounts on other Skill UP! training resources that will help you build additional knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence, including:
    • Resources for Individuals:
      • Additional e-learning courses
      • Practice Certified Professional Category Analyst test
    • Resources for Others on Your Team or Company:
      • Skill UP!™ Assessments
      • Skill UP!™ Academy
      • Skill UP!™ FasTRAK
      • Skill UP!™ Immersion


Enrollment activities

o   Category Management knowledge assessment

o   User credentials for system access

o   Kickoff, orientation

Week 1 activities

o   E-Learning course: Category Management History and Process

o   Critical thinking question: The Value of Category Management

o   Group discussion: How Does Category Management Help Us Gain a Seat at the Table?

Week 2 activities

o   E-Learning course: Syndicated Scanner Data Basics

o   Critical thinking question: The Consumer Value Chain

o   Group discussion: Where do you start and what should you focus on?

Week 3 activities

o   E-Learning course: Syndicated Panel Data Basics

o   Critical thinking question: Identifying Sales Trend Drivers

o   Group discussion: What is the best analytic approach to use?

Week 4 activities

o   E-Learning course: Comprehensive Category Reviews

o   Critical thinking question: Telling Stories from Data

o   Group discussion: Five Tips for Effective Presentations?


Value-Added Tool-Kit For Participants:

  • e-Learning study guides
  • CatMan process steps
  • CatMan strategies
  • CatMan category roles
  • CatMan scorecard template
  • Syndicated scan data volume decomposition model
  • Syndicated panel data volume decomposition model
  • Tips for 4 P’s retail execution excellence


  • Fall Sessions
    • November 5th through December 7th
      • Group web-conference discussions: 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7