U.S. Hispanic Shopper Intelligence Database

U.S. Hispanic Shopper Intelligence Database

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Go beyond traditional point-in-time data reports to trended insights in one easy-to-use, decision-ready format and allows you to make better decisions regarding your shopper marketing strategy.

The Hispanic Shopper Intelligence Database and InsightCenter™ is an online advanced cloud-based platform for the visualization and delivery of key insights on how Hispanics, the fastest growing population in the U.S., are helping to shape the economy, the retail landscape, and the media world. Learn how Hispanics feel about the economy, changes they are making in reaction to the economic situation, where they are shopping, their spending plans over the next 90 days and 6 months, how they are using media including smartphones and tablet devices, and much more. 

Categories include:

- Economy
- Finance
- Spending
- 12 Merchandising Categories
- Media Influence on Purchases
- Internet Usage
- Media Usage Purchase